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A Day in the Life of a Canadian Girl: April 2005

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Weekend Satisfaction

My List is Almost Done

While at work last night I decided that I better make a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish today. I checked everything off except for going to one grocery store. No biggie, I will go there on my way to work on Monday. This is what I got done today:
  • went to Home Depot or "The Pot" and the man and I call it and priced patio sets, solar lights, plants and shrubs. Bought a spreader and some fertilizer/weed control.
  • went to Canadian Tire and priced patio sets, solar lights. Bought gardening tools and bulbs to replace my burnt out rear tail-light.
  • went grocery shopping
  • went to Wal-Mart and bought a rice cooker/vegetable steamer, cards and toothpaste. Priced patio sets and solar lights
  • picked up a movie for tonight and tomorrow (for our monthly ladies movie night- I rented Roman Holiday)
  • replaced my burnt out tail-lights
  • wrapped my neice's baptism gift
What The Man did today:
  • met me at The Pot and then Canadian Tire
  • fertilized the front and back yard
  • ordered pizza for supper
Seems fair doesn't it?

Friday, April 29, 2005

Yep, Working Late Again

So where else would I be on a Thursday night?

But I do get the odd Thursday off... just not lately. I like having my Thursdays off as it is good TV night: Survivor & CSI. Ahh well that is what VCRs are for.

So it was a pretty lazy day today. Made the man his favourite spaghetti sauce, and downloaded some Sting songs. I want to make a "Best of Sting" CD for FSIL and I. After the concert last Saturday we have been humming Sting all week. I was about ready to burn it when I realized that I was out of blank CDs! Oh the horror! That is one thing I hate running out of. That and peanut butter. Yum.

5 Things That Pissed Me Off Today:
  1. Realizing that we may not get a vacation this summer.
  2. My next door neighbour. He has been working on his backyard for 2 weeks and looks amazing. Ours, well...
  3. I realized that I need my car fixed. Will have to budget for that one.
  4. Finding out that I was out of CDs. Damn... I wanted to listen to it on the way to work.
  5. Thinking about this weekend and realizing that most of Saturday will be taken up with cleaning and fertilizing the front yard.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Life After College

More About Moi

Is there life after college? That is what I kept asking myself because it sure didn't feel like there was. I didn't get any job offers for woking as an MLT. Let alone any interviews. In 1995, there was a huge downsize and almagamtion of hospital labs due to government cut backs and budget restraints so getting any job in a hospital was next to impossible.
Lucky me.

So I had a few meaningless jobs (ie manger of a Subway. All the subs I wanted though) and a boyfriend that I thought was a keeper until he broke up with me over the phone. Christmas Eve. What an ass. But I did get something good out of it... a kick ass tent and a frienship with his sister.

After that mess I got a good paying job but it meant commuting 90 minutes a day. Which was fine. Met another boy that I thought for sure was a keeper... we even were planning a wedding but he had a mid life crisis at 31 so he moved out and it was just me again.
Fast forward 6 months when I turn 30. The hardest, most depressing day I my life. Yes I was feeling sorry for myself that's for sure. Mom and dad take me out to celebrate (what I really needed was to get wasted by myself) and dad mentions that he knows someone through work that would be perfect for me. You wouldn't believe the pictures I had floating around in my head about what this guy was like. So he gives me his email addy. I hung onto it for a month and decide to fire off an email just to say hi. Meanwhile, he is thinking about how desparate must be this chick if her dad has to get dates for her, and "why hasn't she emailed me?" He was actaully waiting for an email! So who was deparate here?
So we emailed a few times then decide to met. And that was that.
Dad has never let either one of us forget it either. Guess dad knows what men are better for me than I do.
Scarey eh?

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Working Late.... Again *sigh*

Why is it always me that works Tuesday night in this department? Tuesdays are one our busiest days and I am always here to the bitter end... 1:30am. If we are done earlier we go home. But nooooo, I always get shafted. Humph.

I also have to go grocery shopping and pick up some veggies for supper tomorrow. The man doesn't like veggies all that much but he really likes them in a stir fry. Stir fry for supper tomorrow it is! I am working 2:30pm-10:30pm tomorrow so if I want supper, I cook it before I go to work.

My plasma donation went fine. Being new to the program I had to meet a doctor and get a physical and well as a detailed case history. Yes, I am fairly healthy. But when the needle was inserted she missed and proceeded to dig around and find my vein. I was fine until she hit a tendon. Now that was NOT comfy. She called over someone else and voila. I am huting today and I am sure I will be hurting tomorrow. I don't complain though as I used to be one of those people that they called "those vampires" and I inflicted my fair of torture. Now I just test the samples. I am signed up to go weekly but I am not sure my arm can take it. Maybe every other week. We shall see.

Shopping for my neice's Baptism gift went great. I found a beautiful jewellery box in mohagany with a pewter top and I had a plaque engraved to go on top of it. It was a little more than I expected as I guess the engraving is charged by the letter. I decided to write a novel.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Joys of a Puking Dog

So I slept in later than I wanted to today. But that's ok... I will just have to get my ass going a little faster than usual.

I come in to turn on the computer this morning and what do I see on the floor? Dog puke. *sigh* This dog pukes more than any other dog I have met. It must have been recently because there wasn't that much. This dog with puke at the drop of a hat. Drinking too much water makes her puke. Eating too fast will make her puke. Running around too much will make her puke. Damn dog. This is the exact reason why I want to get rid of all of our carpet and add laminate instead. That and the carpet is just awful... rose pink and not in great shape. It was one of the first things we said when we bought the house last October.

I think she pukes so much because of her breed. I have hear others make this conclusion as well. Greyhounds have long necks and skinny thoats so there could be some truth to it. The vet says she is healthy so it isn't a medical condition, just her physical make up.

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Anyway it's all cleaned up and she's fine. Now if the man would have been home and would have had to clean ot up, I certainly would have to hear about it. He hates doing that kind of stuff.

So my day consists of getting ready for work, try to find a Christening gift for my neice, go to my weekly plasma donation then it's off to work.
I was thinking of a really nice jewellery box for my neice. I know she is going to get lots of jewellery and I want to get something that she can use for a long time... not something really girly and pink, just something elegent yet simple. The hunting begins!

Had to add a picture of my neice Paige. She turns 5 months old today! She is growning up so fast. She looks exactly like my sister did at that age.

Here she is at Easter with my mom:
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Isn't she adorable?

Monday, April 25, 2005

The Calm After the Storm and Some Good News!

So it appears FIL is gone.... but not forgotten. He has called 3 times in the last hour. And since the man isn't home from work yet, that leaves me to deal with him.
Second phone call he asked for measurements. He said no hurry... whenever. So I figured I would let the man do it when he got home. Phone rings 15 minutes later. FIL is asking for the measurements. Sheesh. This is our life. *sigh*

But I do have good news! I have recruited my dad and BIL and we are building our new deck during the long weekend in May! Whoohoo! Just in time for summer! Can't wait to start the entertaining.

Just had another phone call. Thought for sure it was FIL, but it wasn't.

Site Changes

Just to give you all something else to look at.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sting: My Other Man and Advice with an AWOL Friend

So it is the next day after the Sting concert and I am still feeling all warm and fuzzy. My man Sting can sure put on a great show. The concert was sold out and from his first entrance which went right into "Message in a Bottle" the crowd was on their feet for most of the show. At least the people who had floor seats were. The others in the bowl... well let's just say it was embarassing that they were so reserved for most of the show.
Having floor seats myself, I was up and singing for most of the show. Two encores and over 90 minutes later my ears were ringing and I could barely talk but I was in heaven.

Here is a link to a review of last night's show:

Totally off topic but I just have to vent for a sec...
I have a friend who I have been friends with for over 5 years now. She looks after the dog when we are out of town and two weeks ago we asked her to let her out once as the man was gone all day and I was gone all weekend. Fine no problem.
Earlier that day were at a craft show and we split up to cover more ground. FSIL and I are about to leave and can't find her. Turns out she has already left and was short to me when I called her on her cell. Strange.

She takes the dog for a playdate with her neice's two dogs. This has been done many times before with no problems. The man arrives home at the same time she drops off the dog. She is short and barely says two words to him.

I have called and left messages 3 times and an email with no word at all from her. She travels for her job but she always retuns my phone call within a week.
I think she is pissed off at me but I have no idea. Maybe something happened to her elderly parents but I have no idea.

I figure I won't call again. I made the effort to find out what the problem was and she hasn't gotten back to me.
Should I just leave well enough alone and if she calls, she calls?

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Be Very Very Quiet

Shhh. I am hiding.
It's 10am and I have already had my coffee and toast and a shower. 10 frickin' am. I am never up at 8:30am. Nothing like getting woken up by your FIL.
So today is looking at flooring for our kitchen and bathroom and 2 contractors will be over before 1pm. And it will be raining all day to boot.

*Calm blue ocean.... Calm blue ocean as I rub my temples. It will be over soon I tell myself.*

I am leaving just after 4pm to meet the FSIL for dinner then it is off to the show. Hopefully I can steal a few hours for myself to get ready.

Fat chance.

Friday, April 22, 2005

The Man is a Coward

*Had to edit to say that I just noticed that I have had 35 visitors! And I started started this blog yesterday. How frickin' cool is that?!? Thanks everyone!*

So it's after 11:30 and I am just finishing work. A few odds and ends to finish up, play around on the computer for awhile, then I guess I should be heading home.

So the man calls me at work around 9pm to say all is well and he was going to bed. Now I know he had a tough day at work (seriously though. He is a garbage man and did over 18 tonnes today. Lifting garbage. Other people's stinky disgusting trash. No thank you. I am glad I work with people's blood and other bodily fluids) and didn't get his nappy-poo in but I think he is also avoiding FIL. They get along just fine... when they aren't talking on the phone and aren't in the same room. Yes, definitely avoidance. But I guess I shouldn't talk either... I am playing around at work when I could be home. But I am sure FIL will be asleep on the couch when I get home so it is:

  • either watch TV down in the cold basement
  • play on the computer
  • go to bed

I choose play on the computer if FIL is asleep. But if her is awake that throws everything out the window.

So our visit today was pleasent. We even met for a coffee and a bagel at Tim's. Who knows what happened after I went to work though.

On Pins and Needles

So it is 1:24pm and I am waiting for FIL. I know he will be here soon but when? When exactly? I hate waiting alone. The man is at work and won't be home for awhile so it is just me. Oh and the dog too but she isn't much help. She sleeps like it is going out of style.
This is how she can usually be found:

See what I mean?

Please God make this an uneventful vist.
Yeah right.

The Inlaw is Coming!

Get Ready for the Inspection!

Techincally it's a new day so I can start a new post.

It's just after midnight and the man and I have just gotten finished getting the house ready for inspection. You see, the father in law is arriving for a visit today. And when was it decided and by whom? While I was at work and by my future FIL. You don't argue or suggest to the FIL. What he says goes and he is always right. Now, don't get me wrong. I like FIL. I know how FIL is. I don't mess with controlled order. Trust me, it's easier this way.

Now the man and I had been living together almost two years in not the best neighbourhood and in not the greatest apartment building when FIL says to us that he wants to buy a house here (they live 3 hours north) and have us live in it. He gets the mortgage, we get the house in our name but we pay for everything. Now here is when I should have been more concerned and cautious and downright smart and suggested to the man that maybe we should wait awhile (the man was still on contract... not really financially smart you know) but the FIL insisted and the man said ok and I said let's break down payments for everything. Just being careful. So it looks fine, we find a house and all is good. Except after the white trash moves out we really see how much work needs to be done. Nothing major, all superficial things like paint, fixing holes, replacing the floor, fixing doors, adding trim, replacing almost everything! Did I mention the house was only four years old? Yeah, like I said, white trash.

So FIL got the mortgage with extra funds for repairs to the house. Extra money that we can use to fix all the crap that needs fixing. So far a handyman has come by to do odd jobs like replace screens, add new light fixtures and replace windows. Did I mention there were bullet holes in the upstairs master bedroom? We are saying they are BB guns holes. Yeah, like I said, white trash.

So why is FIL down this weekend? He has four, count them, four contractors coming by with estimates. We want our shed fixed, new flooring (did I mention the vinyl flooring had large holes in it? Like I said...) a deck off the kitchen because right now it drops off at about three feet and some other jobs. Didn't ask what else. Right now it seems that the best spot for me to be in is not around. FIL will be here sometime mid afternoon (hopefully I will be at work) and I won't be home until after midnight. Whether or not he is still up when I get home is a toss up. And yes he is staying in our guest room. Saturday I plan on being out A LOT. Shopping for my girls day over on Sunday then getting ready to go out for dinner with my future sister in law, then off to the concert.

We are going to go see Sting Saturday night baby! Floor seats!

Another story that will have to be talked out is how I got my job as it involves my FSIL. But that's another day.

So FIL is here until Sunday morning. I don't plan on being up early as I think it will be a late night on Saturday. FIL is an early riser so I better make sure I show him where the coffee and bread is. I don't want to wake up and see his face just inches from mine, asking "Where is the coffee Jenny?" God, I hate that name. But he is the only one that calls me that. Told him I hate it, guess where that got me. Uh huh, no where.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Welcome to the World of Blog!

Wha? What time is it? It's noon?

So here I am, just woke up this morning (OK early afternoon. Hey I work evenings! Give me a break!) and stubbled upon the world of blog. Pretty cool so far. Let's see how it works out.

So on tap for today is work (only 4 hours), pick up dinner and do nothing this evening except watch Survivor (yeah I know, don't say it. It's the only reality show I watch) and CSI. Did I mention I am a CSI show junkie? I like all of them but Las Vegas is my favourite. Maybe I should have become a criminalist instead of a MLT (medical laboratory technologist). I already work in a lab so that part would be easy... it is just the decomposing bodies that I would have a hard time with. Ewww.

So like I said I live in a large Canadian city (care to guess which one), work almost full time, recently bought a house with my boyfriend of over 2 years and where our dog like to thinks she runs the show.
Our dog Milly aka Mimo, Millster, dumbass and the D.O.G. is a 6 year old retired racing greyhound who certainly has enjoyed her retirement. Think of a cat, only bigger. She sleeps more than Morris the cat I bet! Oh well, keeps her from getting underfoot I guess. Anyway, more about her later. I am sure she will want her own special spot here on my blog.

About Moi
So as I said before, I am in my early 30's, never married and no kids. The marriage thing just never seemed to work out. Came close a couple of times but there was always some reason or another. But never to do with me. As for the no kids well I guess I am a little old fashioned in that regard as I believe that kids come after marriage. Not that I have anything against people who do it differently.

I grew up in a small Canadian town about 1 hours drive east of where I am now. The population is only about 9,000 and we have only 1 high school. But it is very touristy and the downtown and surrounding area is just beautiful. It has even been called one of the prettiest towns in Canada. I grew up with both my parents and a younger sister who is just over 3 years younger than me. Growning up was easy in a small town. We had to make our own fun and we would play outside constantly. We were friends with all the kids in the neighbourhood and we could always find something to do. It was the teenage years that were hard.

Teenager's Wrath
As soon as I was 16 I got my beginner's licence and was always bugging my dad to take me out driving. Guess mom wanted nothing to do with it. There were many backroads around our area and we practiced there first. Everything seemed to be going well until we went out on a highway where my first turn onto it saw us head right for oncoming traffic. Good thing dad had some quick reflexses!
But I passed driver's test with flying colours and proceeded for the next few years, bug my parents any chance I got to take the car out.
Of course boys were always in the picture. It was the second one that mom and dad hated. He was 3 years older than I was an quite the bad ass. Maybe that was why I was with him. But being a rebelious teenager and the time, who knows. That lasted over 4 years until my first year of college. Four months into it I had had enough of a dead relationship and decided to end it. It was bad timing though. I ended up calling my roomates to come and get me. Sweeties that they were they drove 2 hours in the middle of the night to come get me. More about this story later.
I never really liked high school that much. Oh I had lots of friends, friends that I would hang out with mainly at school and sometimes on the weekend but I just wanted to get the hell out of there and start my life. Get out of the small town and experience what life has to offer. So I did.

The College Years
My years at college were all that I hoped they would be. I chose a college 5 hours away from my home town as I wanted to have some distance between school and home. I felt that being further away from home would make me more independant and self reliant. And it did. It was also nice being farther away as I always had an excuse why I couldn't always make it home... too much homework and the drive was just too long.
I was lucky and got into residence and was even more lucky to live with 5 girls who I truly liked. I kept hearing horror stories of people who hated their roomates. But it wasn't always easy living with 5 girls in a 2 storey townhouse. But res was cool. Everyone knew everyone and visiting meant a quick knock on the door and let yourself in. And the parties! Whoowee! Let's just say the final party and the end of second year went down in the books where the fire department was almost called. Hey, don't look at me, I didn't start the couch on fire.
But even with the parties and bars, I managed to get good grades. It was a tough program... 2 years of school with over 30 hours of lecture a week and over 20 hours of lab time a week. Third year was internship and I was so lucky to get a placement in the city where my school was. What was even better was that the little one bedroom apartment I had was right beside two of my roomates from res. Res. was only available to students for two years so I had to hunt for an apartment before my intership started. Living on my own a great... total freedom!
After ten months of intership came 3 days of tests to get my Canadian certification. No pressure or anything... it wasn't like my last three years depended on the outcome of three days worth of tests... that weren't free either. But of course I passed and fully had confidence that offers for a job would come flooding in. Boy was I dreaming. It took me eight years but it was worth the wait. More on that later.

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